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YMCA Cornwall was established in 1877 and from its very earliest days has provided supportive accommodation to young people in need. As an independent local charity we rely on donations and grants to fund much of our work.

Today, we offer supported housing for young people aged 16 – 24 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We provide a safe, stable environment for residents along with guidance from a team of dedicated support workers. Together these elements provide a secure foundation from which young people can move towards independent living, remain in education and find employment.

We provide 50 self-contained flats for young people in Penzance including 4 rooms with shared facilities which act as a gateway to our longer-term flats. We recently converted our obsolete sports hall and backpackers accommodation into 20 new flats to respond to ever-increasing need.

Our Penzance site has a coffee shop and a range of rooms that can be hired for meetings, family events and fitness activities; profits from our social enterprise are reinvested in YMCA Cornwall to help young people. You can enjoy a range of fitness activities every day, organised by independent fitness instructors and dance tutors.

YMCA Cornwall is a Christian charity committed to helping young people, particularly at times of need, regardless of faith. Across England there are 114 independent YMCAs and YMCA England has charity shops in the community to help support their work. Each one is a thriving and active community and an autonomous charity that is transforming lives. YMCA is the largest and the oldest group of independent charities working with young people in the world.

Annual Reports

Every year we publish our annual report highlighting our work and our impact on young people.
Please download below:
Annual Report YE March 2023

Annual Report YE March 2022

Annual Report YE March 2021

Annual Report YE March 2020

Annual Report YE March 2019

Annual Report YE March 2018

Safeguarding Policy

YMCA Cornwall takes seriously the welfare of all young people, children and vulnerable adults who come onto its premises or who are involved in our activities. We recognise that it is the responsibility of our staff, paid and voluntary, to prevent the abuse of any kind of young people, children and vulnerable adults and to report any abuse discovered or suspected. 

SG1 Safeguarding Young People, Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedure