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Supported Accommodation

YMCA Cornwall provides supported accommodation for vulnerable young people aged between 16 and 24 years for up to two years, providing a safe, stable environment for residents and with guidance from a team of dedicated Housing Support Officers. Together these elements provide a secure foundation from which young people can move towards independent living, remain in education and find employment.

We have 50 self-contained flats in Penzance and recently completed the conversion of our old sports hall to create 14 new flats to respond to the ever-growing need for youth supported housing in the area.

Our Housing Support Officers create a personalised support plan with all of our residents to enable each of them to set and achieve targets concerning education, employment and training. Where required, we signpost to other organisations and help residents to arrange and attend meetings.

Residents must keep to their tenancy agreement, which will be fully explained when young people move in, and must engage with their YMCA Cornwall Housing Support Officer.

“It’s more than just a roof over my head – my support worker is really helping me to piece my life back together, so I can live life and face life.”



Resettlement Service

When a young person is ready to move on or out of supported accommodation, we offer a resettlement service which provides up to six months of ongoing tailored support in their new home to ensure they settle in, learn how to deal with any paperwork, bills and maintenance issues so they feel more confident and not on their own. Without this continued support, young people can struggle to adjust to the responsibilities of living independently and become trapped in a cycle of homelessness.

“I was a former resident there and they have helped me through a lot. The support workers are amazing. I’m still around but I now live in one of their move on flats and get support but not as much now. I recommend the YMCA to all young people who have housing issues. YMCA have helped me through the years and I think it’s great for young people. The support workers can help with anything and everything.”